Fostering Aboriginal Student SuccessFostering Aboriginal Student Success

The Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan is a SIAST-wide strategy to increase Aboriginal student recruitment and success. We’re proud to have more Aboriginal students than any other Saskatchewan post-secondary institution. Our goals are to have representative enrolment in each program and a success rate for Aboriginal students that equals that of all students.

The Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan (ASAP) supports Aboriginal student success while maintaining high standards for success at SIAST. The plan provides supports such as advisors for Aboriginal students. Further, it seeks to remove barriers to student success through a review and update of policies, procedures and curriculum.

SIAST also supports students through Aboriginal activity centres, Elder services, Aboriginal awareness training for faculty and staff, human resources measures to hire Aboriginal employees and promote diversity, scholarships and bursaries, counselling, tutoring, and cultural, recreational and social activities.

Aboriginal Student Advisors

SIAST Aboriginal student advisors help students succeed by providing:

  • a friendly face, helpful connections to services and support
  • orientation to SIAST and surrounding community
  • referrals for tutorial support
  • funding, housing, childcare and employment information
  • connections to outside resources and networks
  • help organizing study groups and informational, social and cultural events

Aboriginal Activity Centres

Every SIAST campus has an Aboriginal activity centre. Although accessible to all students, centre staff provides support services primarily to students of Aboriginal ancestry. Centres are open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The centres provide a place where students can:

  • meet people and find out what is happening
  • do homework and study
  • get referrals to tutorial support
  • use computers
  • eat lunch and have coffee
  • sign-up for cultural, educational and recreational activities
  • access Elders and cultural advisors and more!

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