Retail Customer Service

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Retail Customer Service is an applied certificate program that is available through Continuing Education for delivery both on campus at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and off campus at various locations.

If you enjoy working with people and would like to embark on a career in retail, this program provides you with the knowledge and skills needed for an entry-level position.

This program specifically responds to the need for entry-level workers in the retail sector. As a retail worker, you will serve customers directly by helping them find items and answering their product questions. You will also run the point-of-sale system, stock shelves, maintain inventory, and keep the facility clean and neat. Depending on the retail operation, you may also be called upon to place orders with suppliers, perform basic office functions, deposit cash, pump gas, prepare and serve fast food, and perform other related duties.

You will develop your skills and knowledge in:

  • basic retail operations
  • computer use
  • communication
  • safe fuel handling
  • food safety
  • customer service and sales
  • personal finance management
  • professionalism

For complete program information, check the program page.

You will examine the value of customer service and retention of customers through the provision of excellent service. Course content includes the principles of good customer service, telephone skills, handling complaints and dealing with difficult people.

This course currently has no offerings.

You will practice fundamental employability skills related to oral and written communications. You will also practice employability skills related to working effectively with others. You will learn personal employability skills and the effect of attitudes and behaviours on a successful job search.

This course uses an asynchronous tool, allowing access to course material at a time that is convenient to the student.

This course currently has no offerings.

You will learn about the importance of selling skills in small business. You will examine the attributes of successful salespeople, identify the skills involved in the sales process and develop a sales plan. You will practice selling and dealing with objections.

This course currently has no offerings.