Integrated Resource Management

Integrated Resource Management is a diploma program that provides knowledge and skill development in a variety of disciplines in the natural resource sector. These include enforcing regulations, collecting and analyzing data, monitoring resource use and public relations. You will receive training in:

  • fish, wildlife, forestry and parks management
  • applying Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to resource management situations
  • mapping, compassing and remote sensing
  • air-photo use and interpretation
  • applying statistics to resource management problems
  • research design, analysis and technical reporting
  • implementing quality control
  • surviving in the wilderness
  • operating and maintaining vehicles, boats and all terrain vehicles

Graduates are recognized by the North American Wildlife Technologists Association (NAWTA) as accredited practitioners in fish and wildlife management procedures.

Selected courses for this program are available through distance and/or continuing education. The program is available full-time at Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus in Prince Albert. For complete program information, check the program page.

You will study the basic features of Excel. You will learn to format spreadsheet elements, create simple charts and use simple formulas and functions.

This course currently has no offerings.

You will study the intermediate features of Excel. Using the skills and knowledge you acquired in COMP 172 (Introduction to Micrsoft Word / Excel) or COMP 174 (Introduction to Excel 1), you will learn to work with multiple worksheets, create and modify several chart types, perform data manipulation features and use more advanced spreadsheet functions.

Prerequisites: (one of either)

This course currently has no offerings.

Your studies will introduce you to basic word processing skills such as creating, editing and formatting documents, building tables, using templates and applying styles.

This course currently has no offerings.